GE Introduces New EverGold PV Disconnects


GE Energy has released a new line of EverGold balance-of-system electrical components for PV installations. According to the company, the new disconnects provide minimum complexity and maximum savings with a simple and dependable alternative to stocking and installing splice boxes and oversized disconnects.

The 100 A, four-pole disconnect (UL-listed, 600 VDC) accepts up to four combiner box inputs, making it ideally suited for medium to large commercial PV installations. The fourth pole reduces the total number of disconnects required, GE adds.

The disconnects also feature oversized lugs, enabling designers and installers to consider important factors that may increase the nominal wire size, such as voltage drop, elevated ambient temperatures and conduit fill/proximity considerations. Other key features include durable G90 corrosion-resistant enclosure construction and built-in safety and security features.

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