GEROLD Releases PV Module Edge-Sealing System

GEROLD GmbH & Co. KG has debuted the HMA system, which automatically applies liquid butyl (hot-melt) for edge-sealing of PV modules. Typically, this process is performed on frameless thin-film modules.

Edge-sealing improves encapsulation properties, thus significantly improving product safety, module performance and durability, the company says. Edge-sealing is usually performed with butyl tape; however, liquid butyl application offers economical packing drums, less waste and improved product quality, according to the company. Furthermore, butyl ribbon acuity and repeat accuracy are improved.

The HMA system features a drum unloader from Nordson. Depending on system configuration, one or two dispensers are utilized and integrated with GEROLD equipment, thus ensuring repeat accurate edge-sealing with optimal ribbon application and high throughput.



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