Gov. Sandoval Responds To SolarCity’s Call To ‘Do The Right Thing’


Gov. Brian Sandoval has responded to statements by Lyndon Rive, SolarCity's CEO, that encouraged the governor to ‘do the right thing’ with regard to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission's (PUC) recent decision.

‘I attempted to call Mr. Rive on Christmas Eve regarding his layoff of 550 SolarCity employees,’ Gov. Sandoval begins. ‘Mr. Rive did not answer my call, and I was later advised that he was in Mexico and unavailable.’

‘I am also unsure what Mr. Rive meant by his statement for me to 'do the right thing.' If such a statement suggests that I somehow influence the PUC's decision, Mr. Rive knows – or should know – that such conduct is inappropriate.’

Sandoval suggests that Rive ‘respect the process and pursue his legal options, which include seeking reconsideration of the order or ultimately judicial review’ and points out that he personally encouraged the Nevada Consumer Advocate to engage the case.

‘During my time as governor, I have signed legislation benefiting the rooftop solar industry and supported an award of $1.2 million in economic development funds to SolarCity for employment and workforce development programs,’ Sandoval says. ‘I also signed legislation in 2015, with the public support of Mr. Rive, which initiated the very process at the PUC that he now disagrees with.’

‘I will continue to support the renewable energy industry in Nevada and capitalize on our state's incredible resources for solar, wind and geothermal power. I will also respect the process at the PUC provided by law and, most importantly, assist the 550 employees SolarCity has laid off,’ Sandoval concluded.

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