JA Solar, ECN Introduce MWT Solar Cells And Modules

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. has partnered with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to introduce the metal wrap-through (MWT) solar cell and module technology into production.

Through this partnership, JA Solar and ECN will work together to produce cost-effective, high-efficiency solar modules, the companies explain. The MWT technology minimizes shading loss at the front cell surface, resulting in an increased active front-surface area of the solar cell. Modules can be assembled in a fully automated process with Eurotron equipment.

This technology allows handling of thin solar cells at high throughput and yield. ECN has recently manufactured high-efficiency MWT solar modules, achieving an efficiency in 2009 of 17% (aperture area) for photovoltaic modules with multicrystalline silicon cells, according to JA Solar and ECN.



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