JinkoSolar Claims New Record With P-Type Multi-crystalline Silicon Cell

China-based JinkoSolar has announced that its practical sized (245.83cm2) p-type multi-crystalline silicon solar cells reached the world’s highest conversion efficiency of 22.04%. The company notes this is the second time JinkoSolar broke this world record since October 2016.

JinkoSolar says its record-breaking multi-crystalline silicon solar cell was manufactured on a high-quality boron doped mc-Si substrate. Advanced texturing, passivation and anti-LID technologies were integrated into the passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) structure to achieve the new 22.04% world record. The new world record was independently confirmed by Fraunhofer ISE Germany and broke JinkoSolar’s previous record of 21.63% one year ago.

“This is the first time that conversion efficiency for p-type mc-Si PERC cells exceeded the 22 percent efficiency mark, which I believe will serve as a guideline developing higher-efficiency products,” comments Dr. Jin Hao, vice president of JinkoSolar. “The entire manufacturing chain is comprised of low-cost industrial processes and will be gradually transferred into mass production. Leveraging our high-efficiency solar cells, we will continue to develop advanced manufacturing techniques to reduce the cost of PV products.”


  1. It’s too bad that no one actually studies my method of making Silicon solar cells.

    This method is far less expensive than any other known method.
    Far less Silicon and far less electricity.
    And a very simple method of manufacture!


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