K-V Engineering Cuts Utility Costs In Half With Rooftop Solar

K-V Engineering Inc., a precision machining and sheet metal fabrication company in Southern California, is touting that its solar project has reduced electricity utility costs for the company by more than 50%.

In January 2016, the company installed more than 700 solar panels in hopes of stabilizing its overhead costs.

“At this time, it is abundantly clear that this project has been a huge success,” states K-V Engineering President Christie Vu. “The savings produced by this project will be integrated into our financial model, thus providing our customers with potentially lower pricing on finished goods.”

The decision to “go solar” was the culmination of an analysis of the company’s cost structure and seen as a long-term investment. The solar panels were placed on the roof of the company’s building, covering more than 80% of the surface.


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