Kipp & Zonen Introduces New Solar Pyranometers


Kipp & Zonen has unveiled the SMP Smart pyranometers, which feature a low-power smart interface, as well as industry-standard digital and amplified analog outputs within CMP series housings.

‘The active use of a built-in temperature sensor is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the development of the SMP Smart pyranometer,’ says Ruud Ringoir, product manager. ‘The detector signal is digitally temperature corrected and makes the SMP Smart pyranometers' irradiance measurements temperature-independent over a very wide range.’

In addition, an integrated Modbus allows for communication with the pyranometer, allowing connection to digital equipment, such as programmable logic controllers, Ringoir adds. All SMP pyranometers are also programmed to have identical sensitivity and output levels, making them interchangeable for recalibration or service.

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