Locus Energy Launches Solar Irradiance Modeling Software Service


Locus Energy has debuted Virtual Irradiance, a software service that provides estimates of historical and real-time solar irradiance across North America. The service will be offered as an add-on for all users of the company's Web-based residential and commercial monitoring platform.

Locus Energy says it has developed an affordable high-quality model capable of estimating solar irradiance in real time or historically without a physical sensor. The model establishes baseline irradiance levels derived from government satellite imagery and weather feeds and then iteratively refines the estimates by cross-referencing performance data collected by Locus Energy's network of several thousand monitoring sites across the U.S.

The methodology produces solar irradiance estimates with greater accuracy than previously published academic models, and it iteratively improves as Locus Energy's network grows, the company says.

Virtual Irradiance is fully integrated with the Locus Energy monitoring platform. Additionally, the model will be leveraged throughout Locus Energy's future products, such as the SolarNOC, which is planned for release in 2012.

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