Magnolia Solar Notes Progress In Anti-Reflective Coatings For Solar Cells


Magnolia Solar Corp. has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Magnolia Solar Inc., has demonstrated three-inch growth of nano-structured anti-reflective (AR) coatings on glass for solar cell applications.

Previously, Magnolia Solar was able to grow the AR coatings up to one inch in diameter, the company says.

This new development takes Magnolia Solar closer to commercial viability in the existing solar power market, the company explains. For example, most silicon solar cells and many high-efficiency thin-film solar cells produced today measure four inches, according to Magnolia Solar, and the ability to produce coatings at this size and larger is expected to be a major step toward market acceptance of this technology that can be used to increase the efficiency of presently available solar technologies.

The company's nano-structured AR coating is designed to allow for maximum solar energy absorption for the complete solar spectrum. At normal sunlight incidence during peak sunlight hours, the reflection losses at the glass-air interface have been reduced from approximately 4% to less than 1%, and at large angles of incidence during morning and late-afternoon hours, the reflection losses have been reduced from over 25% to less than 5%, according to Magnolia Solar.

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