Mass. Town To See Savings With Large Rooftop Solar Project

Connecticut-based Altus Power America Inc. has announced the completion of a 1.67 MW rooftop-mounted solar project in Framingham, Mass. The solar system is sited on the rooftops of the Shoppers World complex, a large retail shopping center owned by DDR Corp.

Altus Power says the Shoppers World solar system will provide energy savings, through solar net metering credits, to the Town of Framingham, an early supporter of the project. In the first year of operation, the system is estimated to produce over 2 million kWh of clean electricity and offset approximately 1,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Tom Athan, president of Altus Power, comments,  “Shoppers World is exactly the type of solar project that the state of Massachusetts has encouraged and America needs. The large rooftop, which was once vacant but for some HVAC RTUs, now generates clean energy that saves money for, and is used by, the people in the town of Framingham. Thank you DDR, Eversource, Town of Framingham and Massachusetts DOER for all your help in making this project a reality.”


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