Massive BIPV Project Completed At Chinese Shipyard

Asia Clean Capital Ltd. (ACC) has connected a 19 MW building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) project to the grid at the Tsuneishi Zhoushan shipyard in China. ACC, which invested in and built the installation, claims this represents the largest completed BIPV project in the world.

Electricity generated by the solar project will be consumed by the shipyard for its offices and workshops. ACC says the original roofs of the workshops were due for replacement, and BIPV panels were selected as the ideal solution. The old roof panels were removed and replaced by glass-coated PV modules fastened by aluminum alloy brackets and stainless steel fasteners, helping to ensure a lightweight and durable rooftop structure.

According to ACC, integrating the solar panels into the roof structure helps reduce the overall construction cost. The company did not provide details regarding the panel manufacturer but says the project comprises over 72,000 PV modules, and the lifetime total power output is estimated to be more than 418 million kWh.

Under the ACC cooperation model, ACC invests and owns the system and undertakes the design, construction, and long-term system maintenance during the contract period. The electricity generated by the solar system will be sold to shipbuilding company Tsuneishi Group at an agreed price to ensure operational savings throughout the lifetime of the system, according to ACC.

Photo courtesy of ACC


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