Micro-Inverter Provider APsystems Sponsors ‘Extend The Day’ Charity

Solar micro-inverter provider APsystems has announced a major sponsorship commitment to Extend the Day, a charity organization that gives solar reading lights to schoolchildren in disadvantaged countries with no access to electricity. APsystems says it will donate $1.00 to the nonprofit for every micro-inverter purchased up to the amount of the charity’s 2017 administrative expenses for its Lights for Learning program.

“APsystems is proud to partner with Extend the Day to bring light to these children’s lives,” says Dr. Zhi-min Ling, APsystems’ global president and CEO. “We firmly believe in what Extend the Day is doing around the world and are committed to helping them continue to achieve measurable results with their Lights for Learning program.”

“This foundation commitment by APsystems is extraordinary,” comments Extend the Day Executive Director Jo Lonseth. “It allows us to focus on expanding our reach and building on the successful projects we already have in Kenya, Nepal and Myanmar. Success in life for children living in disadvantaged communities often comes down to whether or not they can continue their middle school education. These solar-powered lights cost nothing to operate and make it possible for school children to do homework after dark, improve their grades, and stay in school.”

APsystems says it first learned about the impressive work that Extend the Day is doing when the nonprofit asked the company for help in designing a more reliable, lightweight, and inexpensive solar-powered light. The company eagerly worked with Extend the Day to develop the ideal solution.


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