Microsoft Makes History With U.S.’ Biggest Solar Corporate Purchase

Microsoft Corp. has purchased 315 MW of energy from Pleinmont I and II, two new solar projects in Virginia. According to the technology giant, this deal represents the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy in the U.S. to date.

The Pleinmont projects are part of a larger 500 MW solar development, owned and operated by Salt Lake City-based sPower, an AES and AIMCo company. Once operational, Pleinmont I and II will consist of more than 750,000 solar panels spread across more than 2,000 acres. The projects will produce approximately 715,000 MWh/year.

Notably, the new agreement will enable Microsoft to make significant progress toward its goal of reaching 60% renewable energy by early 2020.

“Today, we’re signing the largest corporate solar agreement in the United States, a 315 MW project in Virginia that will move us ahead of schedule in creating a cleaner cloud,” states Brad Smith, president of Microsoft. “This project means more than just gigawatts because our commitment is broader than transforming our own operations; it’s also about helping others access more renewable energy.”

“Microsoft’s participation is a game-changer for this project and for other buyers,” adds Ryan Creamer, CEO of sPower. “Their early commitment helped ensure that the project continued to move forward and come to fruition at a time of regulatory uncertainty. Microsoft’s large off-take also helped us offer very cost-competitive options for other buyers looking at our Virginia portfolios. This model broadens the ability for buyers of all sizes to participate in a large project like this – yet only take the megawatts they need for their business goals. We’re proud to be working with Microsoft on this innovative approach.”

According to Microsoft, the full, 500 MW project will be the largest solar facility in Virginia; it will be equal to the entire amount of solar power currently produced in the commonwealth. It will also rank as the fifth-largest solar project in the country.

Microsoft notes it has a sizeable presence in Virginia, both in terms of its physical presence in the form of datacenters and office buildings and its work to bring connectivity to all citizens in the form of broadband technology. This is its second solar power purchase in Virginia.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that Virginia is quickly becoming a global leader in the clean energy industry,” says Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va. “When companies like Microsoft invest in Virginia solar, they opt for clean and reliable energy, as well as new jobs in the energy economy we are working hard to build. I am proud that Microsoft is expanding its commitment to solar energy in Virginia, and I look forward to building upon this victory for clean energy and the jobs that come with it.”

This deal also represents two milestones for the company: With recent deals, Microsoft has met its target to power at least 50% of its datacenters with clean energy by 2018. The size of the deal also puts Microsoft’s total of directly purchased renewable energy at roughly 1.2 GW, the company notes.


  1. It’s too bad they do not use my method of making Silicon Solar Cells!
    It’s a far more efficient method and uses far less silicon than any other.

  2. Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) purchased a 586 megawatt PV solar system on 3,230 acres the Lancaster/Rosamond area of the Antelope Valley in California (north of LA). So, how does Microsoft have the largest corporate solar plant??


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