Missouri Tests Solar Roadways With Sidewalk Pilot

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has partnered with Idaho-based Solar Roadways to install and help test the company’s solar panels on a 12-foot-by-20-foot area of the main sidewalk at the Historic Route 66 Welcome Center in Conway, Mo.

The pilot project will allow MoDOT to test how the hexagon-shaped panels fare in Missouri’s weather, and the agency says it is particularly interested to see how effective the panels will be at melting snow and ice during the winter months. The pilot project will test the LED lights in the panels to see if there is potential for them to take the place of traditional pavement stripes. Officials will also be monitoring the amount of energy produced and looking at how that can be used to help power the Welcome Center and offset running costs. The solar panels will be installed in late September.

The project is part of MoDOT’s Road to Tomorrow Initiative, which aims to develop public-private partnerships to look at new and innovative ways to fund Missouri’s transportation infrastructure. The sidewalk project with Solar Roadways will cost $102,000, which comes from federal funds earmarked for such research. If the pilot project is successful, MoDOT says it will consider the potential of crowdfunding to expand the project into the parking lot, or onto the entrance ramps to the interstate, to test how the panels hold up under traffic.

Laurel McKean, MoDOT assistant district engineer, says, “This is a really exciting project to be able to take the spirit of Route 66 combined with innovations in transportation to carry that spirit into the future.”


  1. It’s disgusting that taxpayer money is being wasted on this. How Scott Brusaw shows his face in public when he refuses to say the cost and power output is a mystery to me. Scott Bruswa rips off and dupes 49,000 saps for what is basically a bad Jr High school science project. Use your brains people. Can you imagine a dump truck or 18 wheeler on this. Anyone seen the film East of Eden? That is where this “genius” idea will end up.

    • It has to start somewhere! $100,000 out of the pockets of the 85 million tax payers is absolutely nothing, you lose more money in a savings account at 0.9%.
      I know change is scary Mark, but if a 80,000lb semi can be driven on ice, as seen on “Ice Road Truckers” , it will have no problem being supported on these panels. The cost savings alone on not having to plow or add salt to the road is worth the money to test this product out.

  2. If it can be driven on, then why hasn’t Brusaw driven even a little Volkswagen on it? Let alone a 18 wheeler. In ten years of development there are no pictures/videos whatsoever of anything being driven on it other than a little tractor. Brusaw has wasted 1.5 million dollars on a project that is as stupid as chocolate frying pans. And why doesn’t Brusaw show the LEDs being on in the outside? Not one picture/video other than the one he made with a panel inside the building with minimal sunlight on it. Why not showing it powered on outside the building? Why hasn’t Brusaw said what this cost to manufacture the panels. He has had ten years, and he can’t figure out the cost? He claims that it will drop, and pay for themselves, but that has already been debunked. NOT ONE PICTURE OR VIDEO OF ANYTHING DRIVING ON THIS OTHER THAN A LITTLE TRACTOR. Show us otherwise Brusaw. As for heating, the grid is use it or loose it, there is no storage. SHOW US ACTUAL DATA AND STOP LYING AND WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY.


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