MP2 Capital Inaugurates 250 kW PV System

MP2 Capital, a developer, financier and operator of solar projects, has completed a 250 kW solar photovoltaic array at the wastewater treatment facility in Winters, Calif. The company has entered into a power purchase agreement to sell all of the electricity generated by the system to the City of Winters for a period of 25 years.

Composed of 1,092 PV panels from Canadian Solar, this system will provide the city approximately 450 MWh of electricity, saving an estimated 10% in energy costs during the first year of operation, with additional savings expected in years to come.

The system is run by a computer monitoring system that rotates the panels to capture the most sunlight during the day, MP2 Capital adds. The computerized system includes an observation station that allows staff to monitor the power output.

SOURCE: MP2 Capital


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