Nation’s Largest Solar-Plus-Storage Project Comes Online

Florida Power & Light Co. has integrated a 40 MWh battery-storage system into its 74.5 MW Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center in Charlotte County, Fla.

FPL notes that this is the largest solar-plus-storage system in the U.S.

“Improving technologies for energy storage are moving us ever closer to our goal of full reliance on clean, renewable energy,” says Syd Kitson, chairman and CEO of Kitson & Partners and founder of the town of Babcock Ranch. “As home to the largest solar-plus-storage system operating in America, we are proud to be leading the way.”

The batteries are charged during the day when the sun is shining, and the stored solar power then can be dispatched to the grid to supplement dips in the plant’s operation. The stored power can also be dispatched during periods of peak customer electricity demand.

The Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center was built in 2016.


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