Nexamp Completes 2.6 MW Community Solar Project In Mass.

Nexamp Inc. has announced the completion of its latest community solar project, a 2.6 MW array in Monson, Mass. According to the company, Monson Solar will generate approximately 3,397,200 kWh of renewable energy in its first year of operation.

Monson Solar was designed and installed atop leased farmland on Westview Farms. With the addition of Nexamp’s community solar project on the property, the farm continues to invest in its community by providing clean energy and cost savings to the local residents, small businesses and non-profits that are subscribed to the project, according to Nexamp.

“As Nexamp continues to grow, we’re most proud of our ability to expand energy options and savings to community members who are aligned with our mission to support local sources of reliable renewable power,” says Zaid Ashai, CEO of Nexamp. “Our success is made even more special when we’re able to partner with landowners like Westview Farms to support their local farm operations for years to come. This is community solar in the truest sense.”

Nexamp notes Monson Solar will also provide a Worcester, Mass.-based hospital with substantial annual energy cost savings through an agreement to purchase discounted energy credits generated by the project. The hospital is expected to save over $40,000 in energy costs in the first year alone and over $1 million over the lifetime of the project, according to Nexamp.

The completion of Monson Solar follows Nexamp’s announcement of four community solar projects in Dudley, Mass., and foreshadows a succession of similar milestones across the state. The company notes it also recently announced the expansion of its community solar program into New York state and is eyeing further expansion into Maryland and several additional new markets next year.

Photo courtesy of Nexamp’s Twitter account


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