Nonprofit Temple Adat Shalom In California Goes Solar

San Diego-based Baker Electric Solar recently completed a solar system for nonprofit Temple Adat Shalom in in Poway, Calif. The installer says the 76.16 kW rooftop system will save more than 70% of the synagogue’s demand charges and energy costs.

Temple Adat Shalom funded the project with a power purchase agreement (PPA), which Baker says allowed the synagogue’s system to be built with no out-of-pocket expenses and enabled Temple Adat Shalom to be cashflow positive from the first day the system was commissioned. To increase its net savings over the life of the system, Temple Adat Shalom will buy out the PPA after year five. First-year electricity cost savings for the synagogue are projected at $10,000.

“Going solar was a two-fold decision. As a nonprofit, a significant reduction of our electric costs while contributing to the conservation of the environment were critical,” says Harold Dunn, the congregant in charge of spearheading the solar initiative. “After comparing solar vendors, we chose Baker for a number of reasons – the price was right; they managed the PPA financing; and have a very good reputation. Best of all, they were responsive throughout the entire project solving any challenges quickly and efficiently.”

“The Temple Adat Shalom solar project is in direct alignment with its commitment to fiscal responsibility and mission to fund education services and programs for the entire congregation,” says Scott Williams, Baker’s director of commercial solar. “The temple’s solar system will provide more than $1 million in energy cost savings over the 25-year warranted life of the solar modules. We’re gratified these funds will help support their commitment to congregants for many years.”


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