NRG Energy Completes Its First Florida Solar Project

NRG Energy Inc. has completed a 3.15 MW AC solar farm in Lakeland, Fla., in partnership with municipal utility Lakeland Electric.

The Medulla Road Solar Facility represents NRG’s entrance into the Florida market, and the project was part of a portfolio the company recently acquired from bankrupt renewables firm SunEdison. According to an NRG announcement, the Medulla Road project features almost 12,000 solar panels and will supply power to Lakeland Electric.

“Utilities like Lakeland Electric are driving an evolution in America’s energy mix as they seek cleaner sources of power that provide increased certainty over energy costs,” says Craig Cornelius, senior vice president of NRG Energy and head of NRG’s renewables group, in the announcement.

Lakeland Electric General Manager Joel Ivy adds, “Our customers told us they wanted renewable energy. We are excited to expand our portfolio with clean, reliable renewable energy, which will enable us to give our customers predictably priced, low-cost electricity for years to come.”


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