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Partnership Records 46% Conversion Efficiency

France-based semiconductor maker Soitec and technology firm CEA-Leti in partnership with Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have tested a multi-junction photovoltaic cell that converts 46% of solar light into electrical energy.

The partners claim the achievement marks a new world record in PV conversion efficiency. Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has verified the claim.

The new cell is a four-junction cell, with each of its sub-cells converting one quarter of incoming photons in the wavelength range between 300 nm and 1,750 nm into electricity. Multi-junction cells are used in concentrator PV (CPV) systems, where a Fresnel lens concentrates the sunlight onto the cell.

“To produce this new generation of solar cells, we have already installed a line in France,” says Jocelyne Wasselin, vice president of solar cell product development at Soitec. “It uses our bonding and layer-transfer technologies and already employs more than 25 engineers and technicians. I have no doubt that this successful cooperation with our French and German partners will drive a further increase of CPV technology efficiency and competitiveness.”

Fraunhofer ISE: ise.fraunhofer.de/en


Power Electronics Debuts Freesun HE Gen II Inverter

Spain-based Power Electronics has introduced its Freesun HE Gen II air-cooled indoor inverter to its line of utility-scale products.

The system has a capacity of 1.7 MW with built-in modularity and redundancy that the company says enhances its fault tolerance and availability rates. The Freesun HE Gen II joins the Freesun HEC and HEC+ inverters introduced in 2014.

The Freesun HE Gen II has three output voltage levels: 360 V (AC), 380 V and 400 V with wide multipoint power point tracking windows. Power Electronics says the inverter incorporates advanced motor control techniques, a range power factor, reactive control during the night, added utility interactive functionalities and automatic derating above 50 degrees C or 820 V.

Power Electronics: power-electronics.com


SoLayTec Sells ALD
Machine To Mission Solar

Texas-based Mission Solar Energy has ordered an InPassion atomic layer deposition (ALD) machine from Netherlands-based SoLayTec for its high-efficiency n-type silicon bifacial solar cell line.

Mission Solar recently opened a solar panel manufacturing facility at Brooks City-Base in San Antonio. The 240,000-square-foot facility produces n-type solar cells and 72-cell 320 W modules for Korea-based OCI Co. Ltd., which is developing four large-scale projects in the region, including the Alamo projects for CPS Energy.

SoLayTec says the order is its first U.S. sale.

SoLayTec: solaytec.com


Delta Shipping 50 kVA String Inverter

Germany-based Delta Energy Systems GmbH is shipping its RPI M50A photovoltaic string inverter in Europe.

Delta says the M50A is designed for use in large-scale commercial PV systems and features a high density-to-size ratio.

The unit also has replaceable AC and DC-side surge protection devices, as well as integrated string fuses. The AC connector and MC4 DC connectors ship standard with the inverter. The inverter features an efficiency of 98.6% and dual maximum power point trackers.

The 74 kg M50A is installed with a wall-mount bracket that is attached with screws onto a surface or metal frame and features a IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure. The unit is compatible with major PV modules and monitoring systems.

Delta Energy: solar-inverter.com


Sunnova Closes $250 Million In New Funding

Houston-based Sunnova Energy Corp. has secured $250 million in new committed funding.

Sunnova says it will use these funds to continue its growth strategy in the U.S.

The funding round was led by Franklin Square Capital Partners. Barclays acted as sole placement agent to Sunnova on the transaction.

Sunnova: sunnova.com


Spider9 Gets UL Stamp For Storage System

Michigan-based Spider9 has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1741 certification for its TriRack family of stationary energy storage products.

The certification, which was completed by TUV SUD America, represents the first for a system featuring Spider9’s software and controls. The company’s proprietary Energy Operating System enables cell-level monitoring and optimization along with other performance and safety features.

Spider9: spider9.com

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Partnership Records 46% Conversion Efficiency




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