Firms Partner On CPV And Microgrids

The China-based Xiang Yang Institute (XYI) and Focused Sun of Las Cruces, N.M., are partnering to deploy solar microgrids for commercial, industrial and campus applications.

Startup Focused Sun specializes in concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems while XYI researches thermal storage and power generation technologies.

Under the concept, reflected solar energy heats mineral oil to 300°C. The heated oil can be stored for up to a day and drive turbine generators, says Jihong Chen, dean of XYI.

Advocates for the technology say that for microgrids in the 100 kW to 10 MW range, CPV combined with thermal storage and steam turbines offer cost-effective electricity along with heat that can be used for a number of applications, including space heating, hot water and industrial processes.

Focused Sun: focused-sun.com


FuturaSun Receives IEC Salt Certification

Italy-based FuturaSun says its solar modules have passed the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) IEC61701 Ed2 salt-spray corrosion test. The certification covers all the company’s products, with outputs ranging up to 305 W.

The test is intended for products that are used in a marine environment or in close proximity to the sea and exposed to the environment for most of their operational life.

FuturaSun says the IEC certification is important when competing for projects in coastal areas, including the U.K., the Philippines and the Caribbean.

FuturaSun: futurasun.com


Trina Claims Record For Module Power Output

Trina Solar Ltd. says that its Honey Plus multicrystalline silicon PV module reached a new power output record of 324.5 W.

Independently certified by TUV Rheinland, this result marks a new world record for a multicrystalline silicon module composed of 60 high-efficiency Honey Plus multicrystalline silicon cells that are produced with new technologies developed by Trina Solar and are currently in pilot production, such as back surface passivation and local back surface field.

Trina Solar: trinasolar.com


Yingli Introduces
PV Coating

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. has introduced its new CleanARC anti-reflective (AR) glass coating for solar panels on all of its Yingli product lines.

Developed by California-based Enki Technology and offered through Yingli, CleanARC coating enables panels to generate more energy over time while simultaneously reducing cleaning requirements - creating additional project value in comparison to conventionally coated panels, says Yingli.

Due to their high resistance to abrasion and environmental degradation, the coated panels are useful for project sites with harsh environmental conditions, such as sandstorms, sea mist, high humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Yingli Green Energy: yinglisolar.com


First Solar Offers Project Assessment Application

First Solar Inc. has launched what it says is the industry’s first PV project assessment application.

The interactive energy capacity assessment tool allows developers and investors to evaluate the feasibility and energy output of ground-mounted utility-scale projects.

Users can plot potential sites on a mapping interface; design a plant and adjust configurations to maximize energy output; and generate a report that includes site-specific estimated capacity and energy yield, while factoring in irradiation levels, construction timing and more.

First Solar: firstsolar.com


AllEarth Trackers Joins Solarize*Connecticut

Installer C-TEC Solar of Windsor, Conn., is offering trackers from AllEarth Renewables of Williston, Vt., as part of its options for customers participating in the Solarize*Connecticut program.

The deal provides homeowners in the program with the ability to construct a ground-mounted solar array equipped with an AllEarth Renewables tracking system.

C-TEC Solar recently won the contract to serve a four-town region in the Greater Hartford area for the Connecticut group discount program, which is run by the Connecticut Green Bank and SmartPower.

AllEarth Renewables: allearthrenewables.com


ASD Offers Loans Through Mosaic

Los Angeles-based solar provider American Solar Direct (ASD) is offering financing to homeowners through Mosaic.

ASD says that although it will continue to offer customers the option to lease a solar energy system, the company has seen strong interest in direct ownership. The Mosaic
portal enables prospective customers to complete an online loan application.

Mosaic: joinmosaic.com


Magnolia Patents
Multi-Junction Cell

New York-based Magnolia Solar Inc. has received a patent for its new multi-junction solar cell structure design.

The patent describes a multi-junction solar cell design structure employing III-V absorber materials and nano-structured, anti-reflection coatings intended to improve solar cell performance.

Magnolia Solar: magnoliasolar.com

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Firms Partner On CPV And Microgrids




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