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ATI Ships New DuraTrack Tracker

New Mexico-based Array Technologies Inc. (ATI) has unveiled the latest version of its single-axis tracking system: the DuraTrack HZ v3.

The DuraTrack HZ v3 features a single-bolt per module mounting bracket that the company says reduces module installation time. The new design supports more modules per row with fewer columns. The units possess automatic row alignment functions as well as snow or sand dune obstruction protection on an automatic and individual row basis. The new version also incorporates a passive wind load mitigation system.

ATI recently commissioned the first 1.2 MW DuraTrack HZ v3 site in northern New Mexico. High-volume shipments on the new version product will begin in July. The DuraTrack HZ v2.5, ATI’s current version system, will remain in production for select applications.

“We minimized loads, wasted space, fasteners, number of motors, controls, columns, as well as maintenance cost and risk, while maximizing power production, reliability and investor returns,” says Ron Corio, ATI’s CEO.

ATI: arraytechinc.com


Belectric Approved For Frequency Response

First deployed in November at the Alt Daber solar power plant in Brandenburg, Germany, Belectric’s Energy Buffer Unit (EBU) has been prequalified for a 1.3 MW frequency response by 50Hertz, the transmission network operator (TNO).

From the Alt Daber location, the Belectric EBU will provide frequency control in the high-voltage grid across Germany, which is increasingly influenced by renewable generating sources.

According to the company, the prequalification process for frequency response applications involves testing a unit to demonstrate that it meets the TNO’s requirements for reliability. The certification means that battery storage has demonstrated that it improves the safety of transmission network operation, even during heavy fluctuations, such as a generator or interconnector trip.

The containerized EBU is shipped with a power inverter and a medium-voltage transformer. The unit has a nameplate power between 800 kW and 1,400 kW, depending on configuration. It has a storage capacity of 948 kWh.

Belectric: belectric.com


Rolls Battery Launching New Energy Storage Unit

Surrette/Rolls Battery Engineering has unveiled its 2 YS 62P energy storage unit that offers 4,860 amp-hours of capacity (20-hour rate) in a 2 V configuration.

The new Rolls Battery package can be used in 12 V, 24 V or 48 V renewable energy systems. Part of the Rolls 5000 Series, the 2 YS 62P features a dual-container construction as well as high liquid reserve and cycle life. The units are covered by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Rolls Battery: rollsbattery.com


Spectral Releases Spectroradiometer

Massachusetts-based Spectral Evolution has developed the SR-1901PT spectroradiometer, which is able to measure both short- and long-pulse solar simulators.

The company says the SR-1901PT can capture the full spectrum - from 280 nm to 1,900 nm in a single flash with a one millisecond integration time for spectral match. In addition, the SR-1901PT can also be used for uniformity and stability measurements.

Classification is based on both IEC 60904-9 and ASTM E927-10 standards and can be Class A, Class B or Class C depending on the acceptable tolerances they meet for spectral match to sunlight, uniformity of light source and stability of light source over time.

Spectral Evolution: spectralevolution.com

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ATI Ships New DuraTrack Tracker




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