OPEL Solar Introduces Wireless Tracker Control Technology

OPEL Solar Inc., a developer and supplier of high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) panels and solar trackers, has launched a new wireless, utility-scale solar tracker control network developed in conjunction with its partner, Spain-based FEiNA.

Because it does not require cables, OPEL's new wireless tracker control and management system can be more easily deployed in solar fields, the company explains. In addition, the tracker control network allows key functions to be managed remotely. The new wireless tracker network will provide control and monitoring systems for solar fields currently being developed by utilities in North America, Europe and northern Africa.

The wireless tracker control technology can be used for any solar panel technology and is not exclusively designed for OPEL solar panel products, the company notes. The product is currently available for delivery in production volumes. FEiNA and OPEL Solar currently have pending patent applications for the wireless system.

OPEL Solar: opelinc.com



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