OPEL Supplying PV For Aquarion’s Solar Project


OPEL Solar International Inc., a supplier of ground-based and rooftop photovoltaic tracker systems, and high concentration photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, has signed a definitive agreement to install a tracker-based solar system at the Aquarion Water Co.'s D.W. Loiselle water-treatment plant at Trap Falls Reservoir in Shelton, Conn.

This solar facility will use both the TF-800 single-axis tracker and the SF-45 dual-axis tracker. The Aquarion project is forecasted to produce approximately 43 MWh of energy per year, which is approximately 22% more energy than would be expected from the same panels in a fixed installation, according to OPEL Solar.

The project will be used to offset the energy required to operate the Aquarion facility and provide a demonstration site to Aquarion to confirm the effectiveness of implementing this type of system at other sites. As part of the agreement, OPEL will build and operate the solar power plant.

SOURCE: OPEL Solar International Inc.

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