Panasonic Releases HIT Black Back Sheet Photovoltaic Modules


Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management Europe (PESEMEU) has introduced the HIT Black Back Sheet solar module.

According to the company, this black panel allows for a greater design variety and better aesthetics than conventional modules. The modules have received TUV and MCS certificates.

The products feature a module efficiency of 18.6% (with a cell conversion efficiency of 21.1%), PESEMEU adds. Anti-reflection glass helps increase the energy absorption, while the three-tabs design has been translated into a full-black appearance.

Even at high temperatures, the HIT solar cell can maintain higher efficiency than a conventional crystalline silicon solar cell, according to Panasonic. This feature is particularly relevant in all-black modules, where heat absorption is greater. The HIT modules minimize that effect, achieving a top-level temperature performance.

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