Pennsylvania Public Cyber School Cuts Energy Costs With Solar


Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a Pennsylvania public cyber charter school serving more than 9,400 students in grades K-12, has installed 1,080 solar panels at its Capital Campus in Harrisburg.

As part of the school’s commitment to improving sustainability and minimizing its carbon footprint, CCA worked with Solar Renewable Energy LLC to add a solar project that will produce approximately 500,000 kWh annually.

This annual power generation will support one-third of the electricity consumption at CCA’s 180,000-square-foot Capital Campus, resulting in an estimated savings of $60,000 annually.

“At CCA, we are always in search of innovative ways to improve as a school for our students, families and Pennsylvania communities,” says Tom Longenecker, chief operating officer of CCA. “We are a cyber school. We understand the importance of applying new technology to produce positive outcomes. This solar array is a long-term strategic contribution to society as a component of CCA’s commitment to the environment and the educational offerings we provide for students.”

Pennsylvania-based Solar Renewable Energy assisted CCA in earning a $213,000 state grant to apply toward the project, which includes SolarEdge optimizers. CCA entered into a power service agreement with a Solar Renewable Energy entity, under which CCA plans to fully purchase and take ownership of the system after six years.

CCA’s zero-waste aquaponics learning center, AgWorks at CCA, will be 100% powered by the renewable energy generated from the solar array. CCA students will be able to learn about power generation through a digital dashboard that will monitor the energy produced by the project.

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