PG&E ‘Far Surpassed’ State Renewable Energy Goal


San Francisco-based utility Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) has announced that nearly 30% of the power it delivers to its customers now comes from renewable energy.

California state goals called for an average of 23.3% renewables between 2014 and 2016. PG&E says it far surpassed that target, serving 29.5% of its retail electricity sales with renewable power in 2015. Additionally, PG&E says it is well ahead of schedule in meeting the state’s 33% by 2020 renewable portfolio standard.

According to the utility, more than 58% of the electricity that PG&E delivers to its customers comes from greenhouse-gas-free resources when including large hydroelectric and nuclear energy.

Geisha Williams, president of PG&E Electric, says she is proud of the company’s track record as a clean energy leader and this latest achievement.

“The clean energy transformation that began with energy efficiency programs in the 1970s has made quantum leaps through new technologies like solar and wind energy, which are part of the green power we deliver to our customers every day. We’ve made great progress on renewable energy, and we aren’t done yet,” states Williams.

“We stand ready to help [California Gov. Jerry Brown] deliver on the new goal of 50 percent renewables by 2030 because we want to demonstrate to other states that a clean energy future is achievable, and essential for future generations.”

PG&E delivers a renewable power mix of solar, wind, geothermal, bio-power and small renewable hydroelectric energy. The utility claims that this diverse portfolio has helped PG&E achieve a carbon emissions rate that is two-thirds cleaner than the national utility average.

The company adds it has connected more than 215,000 customers with rooftop solar to the grid, and PG&E’s recently launched Solar Choice offering gives customers the option to lower their carbon footprint and purchase 50% or 100% of their electricity from solar power, without the need to install panels.

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