Pharmaceutical Research Center Goes Solar In San Diego

Baker Electric Solar recently completed a solar installation for the Ferring Research Institute Inc. (FRI) in San Diego. The 95.04 kW rooftop system is expected to save the research facility $27,207 in energy costs in the first year.

FRI is the flagship research center for Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Since 1996, FRI scientists have been focused on the development of advanced therapeutic peptides and proteins in key therapeutic areas, including reproductive health, urology and gastroenterology.

“At Ferring, we are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible member of the communities in which we operate,” says Keith James, president of FRI and senior vice president of research. “We are very pleased to have partnered with Baker Electric in the installation of this solar system, which is an important step in minimizing our environmental footprint and significantly improving the energy efficiency of our facility here in San Diego.”

“The Ferring Research Institute’s solar project is in direct alignment with its commitment to fiscal responsibility and corporate stewardship,” says Scott Williams, Baker’s vice president of commercial solar and safety. “Over the 25-year warranted life of its solar system, Ferring will benefit from more than $565,000 in energy cost savings. We’re gratified that these funds will be re-invested to further support the institute’s important pharmaceutical research.”


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