PV Material Solutions Offers Material Science Services


PV Material Solutions, a photovoltaic technology company located in Charlotte, N.C., has been launched and now offers full-service material science and process solutions to the solar industry – including suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers of solar modules, and converters/installers.

‘There is a real need for intellectual property throughout the vertical chain of PV module manufacturing and installation,’ states Joe Sentendrey, president of PV Material Solutions. ‘With the outstanding growth this technology is experiencing, as well as the success in developing consistently lower-cost modules, products and applications, the need for material science and business experts continues to be in high demand.’

The company says it provides a wide range of business development services, technology and process development services, merger and acquisition/partnership opportunities, training and education, and quality and testing services.

Targeted market segments include manufacturers of solar panels, as well as raw material suppliers that wish to sell into the solar arena – including adhesive manufacturers, sealant suppliers, encapsulating film manufacturers, laminators of backfilm laminates, coating suppliers for low MVTR substrates, and converting companies.

SOURCE: PV Material Solutions

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