PVA TePla Debuts New MultiCrystallizer Crystal-Growing System


PVA TePla AG, a Wettenberg, Germany-headquartered manufacturer of silicon crystallization systems and other products, has introduced a new version of its MultiCrystallizer crystal-growing system that is designed for higher loads. The new product is called MultiCrystallizer VGF732Si HC.

The MultiCrystallizer is a vacuum furnace for directional solidification (based on the vertical gradient freeze process) of multicrystalline silicon ingots for the production of wafers for the photovoltaic industry.

The new high-capacity version uses larger crucibles (480-520 mm crucible height, compared to 420 mm in the previous model) to enable higher loads of silicon, up to a maximum weight of 560 kg, the company says.

The furnace has a unique temperature control system with a heating zone that ensures columnar solidification even on the ingot exterior, thanks to its high level of temperature homogeneity. This creates ideal conditions for optimal crystallization of larger ingots and means that the same quality can be achieved as with the previous crucible standard of 420 mm, according to the company.

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