Q-Cells Introduces Q.PEAK BLK PV Module, Flat Roof System


Q-Cells has launched the Q.PEAK BLK monocrystalline solar module. The all-black module consists of fully square monocrystalline solar cells, a black backsheet and a black frame.

According to the company, this module is particularly well suited for applications with exacting architectural requirements due to its elegant design. Q.PEAK BLK offers output of up to 255 W, exceeding all other performance values that have previously been realized with such applications, Q-Cells adds.

In addition, Q-Cells has introduced the Flat Roof System, which allows for the installation of solar modules at an angle of inclination of 10 degrees, compared to 30 degrees, and oriented to the east and west. This arrangement prevents mutual shadowing between modules at unfavorable angles of irradiation, which occurs with standard systems with 30-degree elevation, the company says.

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