REC Solar Inaugurates 1 MW Solar Installation

The City of Hayward, Calif., and REC Solar have completed a 1 MW solar energy system for the city's Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). The system will generate an estimated 1.95 MWh of energy annually, offsetting 24% of the WPCF's energy needs.

REC Solar, based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., designed and managed the installation, which covers approximately eight acres of the WPCF area and utilizes ground-mounted, single-axis trackers along with 5,152 REC Group REC 225PE solar panels.

The project was made possible with financial assistance from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and the California Energy Commission. Pacific Gas & Electric will administer the CSI incentive rebates, totaling up to $2.6 million over the next five years, for reducing the use of conventional energy sources. The California Energy Commission provided a low-interest loan of nearly $2.5 million.



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