Renewables Developer Geronimo Introduces REP-Units Purchasing Program


Geronimo Energy LLC, a utility-scale renewable energy development company headquartered in Minneapolis, has announced its new commercial renewable energy purchasing solution, the Renewable Energy Project Units (REP-Units) program.

According to the company, REP-Units are suited for commercial electricity customers who are looking for a low-cost solution to achieve corporate sustainability goals under shorter-term contracts.

Each REP-Unit offers 10 MW of power – equal to approximately 40,000 MWh – of a larger solar or wind project’s output. REP-Units are priced based on a portion of 100 MW of a renewable energy project and, as such, offer economies-of-scale benefits to customers who have smaller electricity needs, Geronimo Energy says.

In addition, every project offered in Geronimo’s REP-Unit program is a new-build project that includes Green-e certified renewable energy credits.

Geronimo says hundreds of megawatts are available across the U.S. for customers to mix-and-match their REP-Unit purchases to align with their diversified locations and electricity usage. The company says it welcomes multiple REP-Unit holders per project, and volume discounts are available for customers interested in purchasing multiple REP-Units.

“While sustainability goals are no doubt important to hundreds of commercial organizations, historically, purchasing renewable energy has presented barriers and undue risk for companies,” says David Reamer, executive vice president of business development at Geronimo Energy. “Our REP-Unit program removes these barriers and risks by offering low-price, shorter-duration renewable energy contracts for projects in numerous locations across the country to align with customers’ electricity usage.”

Renewables Developer Geronimo Introduces REP-Units Purchasing Program
How REP-Units Work, courtesy of Geronimo Energy

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