Renusol Debuts Pitched-Roof PV Mounting System For U.S. Market


Renusol America, a subsidiary of Germany-based Renusol GmbH, says it has introduced its first product for the U.S. market – the Renusol VS system, which is designed for pitched roofs. The product's pre-assembled clamps, fastener-free splice connectors, and slide-free L-feet minimize installation time, according to Renusol. It is designed to offer a one-size-fits-all mounting solution with easy inventory maintenance and simple installation.

Thanks to height-adjustable panel clamps, the system adjusts quickly for different size modules from 34 mm to 51 mm. The L-feet used for roof attachment insert anywhere without the need to insert them at the end of the rail. The L-feet have a bolt-alignment indicator to ensure proper installation.

Stainless-steel hardware and 6000 series aluminum rails provide strength and long life, along with a high strength-to-weight ratio rail design that keeps cost low while allowing longer spans, Renusol adds.

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