SimpliPhi Power Offers Integrated Storage System For Solar

California-based SimpliPhi Power has released a new plug-and-play energy storage system (ESS) that the company says easily integrates power storage into new and existing solar installations both on and off grid.

SimpliPhi’s integrated solution includes the company’s battery technology combined with a Schneider Electric inverter charge controller and associated power electronics and system management in one box. Pre-programmed software settings and system performance monitoring round out the solution. By eliminating any ventilation or active cooling requirements, the new ESS can be safely installed both outside and inside, the company adds.

“Mitigating the impact of power outages, the increase in distributed renewable generation at times of low use, the rising costs of base and peak power, and the trend to reduce or eliminate net-metering programs is opening up opportunities for solar installers to offer storage as an integral part of their solutions,” says SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “Many solar installers are not battery experts, yet this expertise is what is required to select equipment to design a system that optimally integrates energy storage. We wanted to offer them an all-in-one-box solution to simplify the prospect of adding storage to meet their customer’s needs.”

SimpliPhi says it developed the new solution in partnership with solar and energy storage installers.

“Installers collaborated with us on the design of this new product because they were frustrated by the lack of product readiness, adaptability and scalability, as well as the needless complexity offered by other manufacturers with cooling and thermal regulation requirements,” says Von Burg.

SimpliPhi assembles all the equipment into the ESS box and ships it out as a plug-and-play solution. The ESS offers three software modalities that meet the requirements of different applications, such as new and retrofit systems, including solutions that utilities can access for asset monitoring and deployment off-site for grid stabilization.

With the first units headed to Hawaii, a full roll-out of the ESS begins this fall for residential and commercial installers.

“Here in Hawaii, we were searching for a storage solution with lower installed costs that was faster and easier to install in more places than what was available to us. For our customers, the ability to install the SimpliPhi ESS outside gives us a major competitive advantage when bidding projects,” says Mike Paul, president of Apex Electric, which collaborated with SimpliPhi on product development.


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