Singulus Develops New Solar Cell Manufacturing Tools


Singulus Technologies has unveiled several new process and machine tools for silicon and thin-film solar cell production.

The new Linea II polish/etch machine is designed for the wet-chemical polishing of passivated-emitter rear-contact (PERC) cells' rear sides before the rear-side passivation step. Singulus says it has recently delivered its first Linea II machine to a customer.

Additionally, the company has developed Perceus, a new production solution for PERC cells. According to Singulus, the integration of Perceus' additional production steps into existing manufacturing lines can allow for cell efficiency levels of up to 20%.

Singulus has also launched a new vacuum-coating machine for thin-film PV manufacturing. The product can be used to the vertical sputtering of glass substrates. Finally, Singulus has released a new inline evaporation machine for the thermal coating of copper indium gallium diselenide thin-film modules.

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