Singulus Revamps Silex Wafer Etching System


Singulus Stangl Solar, a subsidiary of Germany-based Singulus Technologies, has released a redesigned version of its Silex system, a wet-chemical batch cleaning and etching machine for silicon PV wafers.

The new version of the system features an isopropanol-free texturing process that does not use flammable, volatile solvents and offers cost savings over other systems, according to the company.

The new texturing process provides stable and reproducible processing results, Singulus says. Additionally, the applied processing chemicals used allow for easier waste disposal than with traditional systems. The new system achieves an output of up to 3,000 wafer per hour, along with scrap rates of less than 0.05%, the company adds.

The first machine has been certified by an unspecified large Asian customer and has passed its final acceptance test.

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