SMA America Offers New Power+ Solution For Residential Solar

SMA America says it has launched its new Power+ Solution to meet the growing demand for fast, cost-effective and high-performing solar solutions.

According to SMA America, the new solution combines the proven Sunny Boy US inverter with the TS4-R Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), cost-effectively optimizing residential PV systems and ensuring higher energy yields.

Now available for ordering, the SMA Power+ Solution can be applied per module for operational simplicity or selectively for faster installation.

“Every solar PV project has unique challenges and objectives, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not meet the needs of today’s solar landscape,” says Sven Schreiber, executive vice president of the residential business unit at SMA. “With the Power+ Solution, integrators can choose to apply the technology in a way that optimizes ROI for their individual business model.”

The company says the TS4-R module components of the SMA Power+ Solution can be used like traditional MLPEs and satisfy all of the challenges that incumbent solutions address. But unlike traditional optimization, which requires MLPEs on every module, even when it’s not needed, the Power+ Solution can also be applied selectively, reducing installation time, service risk and, ultimately, cost.

SMA says selectively deploying TS4-R can save up to 90 minutes of installation time per system, while realizing greater energy production and roof usage and providing a higher return on investment (ROI).

Selective deployment is also ideal when it comes to service and operations and maintenance. Fewer components mean fewer potential points of failure and less risk, and when service is required, it is simpler.

For integrators opting for full deployment, installation can still achieve significant time saving.

The module-based DC technology is supplied by the universal TS4 platform, which offers various levels of plug-and-play functionality. Available as a factory integrated component through module suppliers and also as an add-on, retrofit option exclusively through SMA, the TS4 makes any system instantly smarter and more powerful, with benefits including module-level monitoring, shutdown code compliance, shade mitigation and increased string lengths.

SMA says the TS4 works seamlessly with the Sunny Boy US inverter, allowing installers and distributors to realize additional cost savings by reducing the total number of products they must carry. Now, integrators can carry one line of inverters for MLPE and non-MLPE applications, which reduces warehouse space, while also improving flexibility when installation requirements change at the last minute.

For data monitoring, module-level diagnostics can be viewed through Sunny Portal, a monitoring repository for PV systems.


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