SMA America Releases Sunny Tripower Inverters

SMA America has introduced the Sunny Tripower 8000TL, 10000TL, 12000TL, 15000TL and 17000TL inverters for applications requiring PV array voltages up to 1,000 VDC. According to the company, the three-phase, transformerless Sunny Tripower is ideal for large-scale arrays with modular plant topology.

To create a multi-megawatt plant, users can connect the AC output of multiple Sunny Tripower devices to a medium-voltage transformer for grid interconnection and feed-in. The Sunny Tripower is certified to the European standard and currently operates on 60 Hz with a voltage of 400 VAC line-to-line and 230 VAC line-to-neutral. When paired with a transformer, the Sunny Tripower is applicable for behind-the-fence configurations.

Additional features of the Sunny Tripower include 98.1% efficiency, data transmission via Bluetooth wireless technology, an easily accessible connection area, and SMA's patented OptiCool temperature management system, SMA adds.



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