Solaria Announces PACE Eligibility Of PowerXT Modules

Module maker Solaria Corp. has announced that its Solaria PowerXT residential and commercial solar module products are now eligible for property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing. PACE financing allows for customers to finance their photovoltaic systems as an assessment incorporated into their property tax bill, leveraging financing terms of up to 20 years.

“At a time when there’s a shift to owning rather than leasing PV arrays, Solaria’s eligibility for PACE financing is going to empower more real estate owners to transform their properties into on-site power plants,” says Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma.

Cisco DeVries, founder and CEO of PACE financing provider Renew Financial Group LLC, says, “High-efficiency solar modules help homeowners boost their energy yield. These new technology advancements, paired with innovative PACE financing, accelerate PV’s payback period – making solar an attractive investment from both an aesthetic and performance perspective.”


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