SolarWorld Appoints Sales Trainer To Help U.S. Installers

SolarWorld has selected Greg Welsh as a sales trainer to help U.S. installers sell the value proposition of the manufacturer’s solar panels.

Welsh is a 34-year veteran of sales, having worked as a sales professional, sales manager, general sales manager, national sales trainer, and president and founder of his training company, the Welsh Sales Group. Beginning in 2010, he specialized in solar sales, working for a variety of companies, ranging from national to small regional firms.

“Greg is the ideal sales trainer to help U.S. installers learn approaches that close more sales and secure more revenue,” says Shane Messer, U.S. vice president for sales and marketing at SolarWorld. “With his extraordinary insight into consumer decision-making, he also can help installers build their businesses by leveraging the value of SolarWorld’s quality-first, American-made, high-sustainability brand.”

SolarWorld says Welsh will criss-cross the U.S. offering two-day training sessions at least through 2017. The first three training sites and times are San Diego (Feb. 27-28), Newark, N.J. (the week starting March 13) and Salt Lake City (the week starting April 24). To find logistical and pricing details as they become available, click here.


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