Solergy Introduces Building-Integrated Concentrated PV Product


Solergy Inc., the developer of a co-generation concentrated PV (CPV) solar energy system, has introduced a building-integrated CPV (BICPV) product for building rooftops, greenhouses and agriculture applications.

The Solergy BICPV solution transforms a passive structural element into an integrated energy appliance that generates electricity and heat, the company explains. The product is compatible with greenhouses and skylights and features a rapid, non-destructive installation and integration.

The technology announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Solergy and Azienda Agricola Ciccolella, a producer of olive oil and cut roses in the Puglia region of Italy.

Solergy will integrate a 105 kW Cogen BICPV system in Ciccolella's greenhouses used to cultivate roses. In addition, the two companies will collaborate to develop the Cogen solar market for greenhouses and orchards throughout the Puglia region, representing hundreds of megawatts, according to Solergy.

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