SolOptics Reports Promising Results For FUSION Tech


SolOptics, a division of Genie Lens Technologies LLC, says its FUSION technology – a photovoltaic performance-enhancement technology – has demonstrated improved energy production in its latest round of testing at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

FUSION is a non-concentrating, customizable optical surface technology that increases the power output of both new and previously installed photovoltaic panels for a production cost of less than $0.01/W, according to the company. The technology comprises micro lens structures that can be integrated directly into the protective polymer or glass cover of a PV module or else into a thin polymer film, which is then adhered to a PV panel either in the factory or in the field.

In outdoor tests performed by NREL, FUSION increased the overall energy production of the PV modules tested up to 4%, with performance improvements for all irradiance ranges, SolOptics says. The largest improvements, up to 40%, occurred for higher angles of incidence under clear skies.

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