SunMaxx Solar Supplies Collectors For Harvard University Installation

SunMaxx Solar says its SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat-plate solar collectors have been installed at Harvard University's Harvard Yard. The solar thermal system was built atop the Canaday Hall building as part of a larger system that provides hot water to all of the buildings within Harvard Yard.

Installed, engineered and designed by LittleFoot Energy Corp., an authorized SunMaxx Solar installer that served as the prime contractor on the project, the array is expected to provide approximately 773 MMBtu annually, according to SunMaxx Solar.

The installation is part of a solar thermal and steam tunnel heat-recovery project that also collects exhaust heat from a steam tunnel under the dormitory. The heat captured from the flat-plate collectors and the steam tunnel runs through a system of glycol-filled pipes, which feeds into a 1,000 gallon buffer tank in Canaday's basement, SunMaxx Solar explains. This preheats the water in the buffer tank before it is pumped to the buildings around Harvard Yard.


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