Sunnova Taps Enphase As Preferred Inverter Provider

Enphase Energy Inc., an energy tech manufacturer specializing in micro-inverters, and Sunnova Energy Corp., a U.S. residential solar provider, have expanded their partnership through a new agreement making Enphase the preferred inverter supplier for Sunnova.

“Sunnova puts customers first, and when searching for an inverter solution, we needed something that would deliver the best energy production with the most efficiency,” says John Berger, CEO at Sunnova. “With Enphase’s micro-inverters, we see higher solar electricity production compared to other systems. Their low-voltage AC products significantly reduce system design and installation time, and combined with the ability for advanced monitoring and remote system troubleshooting, are expected to further reduce Sunnova’s need for homeowner maintenance visits.”

“The expansion of our partnership with Sunnova is a great win for both our companies,” adds Paul Nahi, president and CEO of Enphase. “This is strong validation of the increased production and lower maintenance costs that Enphase delivers, and a win for the network of Sunnova installers who have special pricing access for Enphase products.”


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