Sunnova Unveils PowerStack Solar+Storage Residential Service

Residential solar service provider Sunnova Energy Corp. has launched PowerStack, a new solar+storage service plan meant to help maximize a home’s solar energy use day and night.

The solar+storage system is customized to the homeowners’ needs based on their average annual energy consumption. According to the company, PowerStack is available with no money down and low, fixed monthly payments and is backed by Sunnova’s warranty, which includes lifetime battery replacement.

“In addition to being the natural evolution of residential solar, PowerStack allows us to continue on our promise of giving customers the freedom to choose their energy provider and the power to save with low-cost, renewable energy,” says Jordan Fruge, Sunnova’s chief marketing officer. “Customers are asking for someone to select the best technology for them, and then stand behind the system to make sure they get the service they expected, and that’s what we are offering with PowerStack.”

Sunnova is initially rolling out its PowerStack solution in Hawaii through a partnership with Sunetric, a wholly owned subsidiary of RGS Energy.

“Through their well-established local marketing and sales channels, Sunetric will offer our advanced solar+storage system as one of the most affordable and effective solar power solutions available in Hawaii,” says Fruge.

According to the company, the solution is supported by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) customer self-supply (CSS) program, which enables homeowners to install solar systems that do not export power to the utility grid. By including energy storage with their new solar system, customers benefit from an expedited PUC review and approval process.

Darren Jennings, vice pesident of Sunetric, says, “With PowerStack, going solar is now an even more attractive option for Hawaiians residents looking to lower their energy costs.”

As part of its 2017 plan, Sunnova says it will introduce its PowerStack solar+storage service plan in additional U.S. markets.


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