SunPower Builders, Riley Sales Create Solar Sales Company For Contractors


SunPower Builders, a Collegeville, Pa.-based solar and energy company, has teamed with Riley Sales, an HVAC multi-store distributor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to create Riley and Sun. The company will solely focus on offering turnkey products for contractors in the solar energy market.

According to the companies, the goal of the new firm is to provide the highest-quality solar products to new contractors and to train them on how to install solar systems that will last. Riley and Sun has begun selling Solar Kits, which are available in multiple sizes and include everything from a sales package to present to the homeowner down to the nuts and bolts of the system. The Sun Kit is intended to make the solar installation process as easy and profitable as possible for the contractor and new solar owner, the companies add.

‘Buying solar used to be very difficult – the parts came from a number of different companies, and you really had to search to find what you needed,’ says Jon Costanza, owner of SunPower Builders and co-founder of Riley and Sun. ‘There was a lot of shipping and time spent looking for everything. We want to eliminate that and provide the whole package at once.’

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