SunPower Completes 10 MW Project For Oklahoma Utility

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and SunPower Corp. have completed a 10 MW AC solar photovoltaic power plant in Covington, Okla.

The Covington solar plant is anticipated to generate enough electricity to serve the needs of over 1,000 average Oklahoma homes. OG&E owns the renewable energy credits associated with the system.

Approximately 85 jobs were created during peak construction of the facility, the partners note. SunPower is now providing operations and maintenance services at the site.

“With Covington online, we now have 12.5 MW of solar generation in our portfolio, all of which has been pre-sold to customers who want the benefits of solar power,” says OG&E’s chief operating officer, Keith Mitchell. “Along with our solar facility in Mustang, Okla., Covington helps us continue to learn how solar can complement our other generation sources to provide reliable and low-cost power to our customers.”

A SunPower Oasis power plant system was installed at the 80-acre site by Moss Solar, a division of construction firm Moss. The Oasis system is a complete power plant solution that installs quickly to maximize value for customers, according to SunPower. Product features include 50% fewer parts than conventional solar tracking systems, an integrated design that streamlines construction and reduces operations and maintenance costs, and high-efficiency SunPower P-Series solar panels.

“The SunPower Oasis platform and SunPower P-Series solar panels are optimizing the cost-competitive solar power generated for OG&E customers,” notes Tom Werner, SunPower’s president and CEO. “We commend OG&E for its commitment to solar and for selecting high-performance SunPower technology to ensure a long-term return on investment.”


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