Sunworks Rebrands Solar Racking System As ‘Rapid Rack’

Sunworks Inc., a California-based provider of solar power solutions, is also a manufacturer of its own solar racking system. The proprietary mounting system (originally purchased from a company in Germany) was recently rebranded as “Rapid Rack,” now a U.S.-made product with a name that Sunworks claims embodies the system’s speedy installation time.

According to the company, the solar mounting system is constructed using corrosion-resistant materials and built-in wire management. Rapid Rack, formerly known as Universal Racking Solutions, has also just launched its new website, which will allow solar contractors to download technical and instructional documents.

“The product advancement of Rapid Rack is one more way that we are able to use innovation to drive down the cost of solar installations and expand our influence to make solar energy affordable,” says Jim Nelson, CEO of Sunworks Inc. “While the costs of solar systems have steadily decreased over the years, we have visibility into continued efficiency gains through product and process improvement.”


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