Tosoh SMD Introduces New Sputtering Targets For Thin-Film PV

Grove City, Ohio-based Tosoh SMD has introduced indium tin oxide (ITO) rotary sputtering targets for thin-film solar applications. These high-density ITO targets provide consistent, predictable performance throughout the life of the target and from target to target, ensuring a high-quality transparent conductive oxide (TCO) film, the company says.

Tosoh ITO sputtering targets are produced by blending high-purity powders to customer specifications, then cold isostatic pressing the powders and sintering before final machining.

The targets provide a low cost of ownership by offering long-life rotary designs with target thicknesses up to 25 mm, rotary tile lengths up to 250 mm and bonded rotary assemblies up to three meters in length. Non-destructive testing methods ensure bond integrity.

Tosoh SMD: (614) 875-7912



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